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Walter Chiropractic Clinic Patient Resources

Our resource center is an ever-growing collection of information you can use to find out more about conditions that may be affecting you and the associated treatments.

Fall Activities and Back Health Maintain back and body health with these tips from Dr Bowman Read More >>
Back Pain Eighty percent of people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is the second... Read More >>
Sciatica You've probably heard of "sciatica." What exactly does this oft-used but medically nonspecific word mean? What are some common... Read More >>
DID YOU KNOW? Dr. Dan Murphy, a well-respected teacher, writer and research oriented doctor, has compiled a list of research articles... Read More >>
Sports and Chiropractic To hear this article as well as read it click on this link. Read More >>
Arthritis Over 20 million Americans suffer from arthritis and arthritis-related disability. But what is arthritis? And how can we protect ourselves?... Read More >>
PREGNANCY Celebrate Wellness! (Pregnancy) Happy Birthday! Depending on your age, a birthday may be a time of introspection, celebration, or... Read More >>
Holiday Stress Relief Happy Holidays! There are few phrases in the English language that can inspire such joy and stress at... Read More >>
Disc Problems Eighty percent of people experience back pain, and at any one point in time, approximately 20% of the population... Read More >>
Scoliosis Celebrate Wellness! Scoliosis What exactly is "scoliosis"? Do you have it? Do your kids? ... Read More >>
Low Back Pain - Orthonotes article The human back and spinal structure is a highly complex part of the body. It consists of bones, discs, muscles, and... Read More >>
Muscle spasm relief using Dry Needling Technique Myofascial trigger point dry needling is a treatment for sore, painful and non-responsive muscles. Muscles can be treated... Read More >>
Your Spinal Discs: How to Care For Them What is a spinal "disc"? What is its function?... Read More >>
Anti-Inflammatory Diet - You Are What You Eat When we hear the term, "anti-inflammatory," many Americans think of drugs, pills, and injections. What is a pro-inflammatory substance?... Read More >>



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