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Muscle spasm relief using Dry Needling Technique

What is "dry needling"?

Myofascial trigger point dry needling is a treatment for sore, painful and non-responsive muscles. Muscles can be treated by addressing the symptoms you may feel or see such as a "knot" or a tight muscle band.

"Knots" or nodules develop in muscles through overuse, trauma, poor posture, lack of exercise, sleep disturbances, vitamin deficiencies, joint arthritis or nerves that are compressed at the spine or other locations. Painful muscle areas or tight muscle bands contain biochemicals that send pain signals to local nerves. They have a decreased oxygen flow causing further pain and resulting in muscle fibers that “lock”. This will result in restriction of movement and chronic pain.

Many methods of treatment are applied to painful muscles, but myofascial trigger point dry needling has been shown to be very effective, quick acting and quite long-lasting. Dry needling is effective because it short-circuits the pain cycle in a very direct way that other methods cannot accomplish. When lesser treatments fail to accomplish relief, dry needling will allow the muscle contracture to release the muscle to its normal length, improve the circulation, reduce the swelling and disperse the biochemicals from the area.

Dry needling utilizes sterile, thin monofilament needles inserted into the affected area. Following an exam of the area, the doctor places these ultra fine needles into the muscle in a specific pattern designed to reduce pain and improve function. Usually, two or three treatments are scheduled in order to achieve maximum results.

If you would like to try this type of treatment, speak to Dr. Walter about its application in your case by scheduling an appointment at 540-362-0811.



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